Hello, my name is Bill Sherwood.

I am your local independent for Mudgeeraba.

I'm running for the seat of Mudgeeraba in the 2015 QLD State election


The seat goes down south to the NSW border near the Natural Bridge, west to the Numinbah Valley, north to Clagiraba and east to Robina. There are about 27,000 eligible voters.

I was born in Brisbane in 1965, I've lived on the Gold Coast for forty-four years and in Tallai for twenty-five years, the last seven years as a full-time carer for my ageing father, who has dementia. I get a pension of about $60 per week to do that, it's my only income.

In my life I was a pilot for twenty-five years and ended up as a 747 Captain for an overseas charter airline. I've flown to nearly fifty countries all over the world and been based in about ten countries including Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

I'm very keen on motorsport and have been involved in it for over thirty years, I've raced not only in Australia, including the 2008 Bathurst 12-Hour, but also done five 12-hour endurance races in Malaysia and the biggest touring car race in the world, the Nurburgring 2007 24-Hour in 2007. I also enjoy riding motorbikes when I can.

My girlfriend says I'm also a bit of a nerd and love technology; I have a pair of 3D printers and a radio-controlled multicopter. I built my own computerised home entertainment system that is simple enough for my 84 year-old father to use (well, most of the time).

I have a bit of a cheeky sense of humour, so whilst I am extremely serious about my beliefs and policies, I am not going to be one of those cloned politicians who wears a suit all the time and drones on and on. When you see me, I'm more likely to be wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and thongs rather than a suit.

I decided to run for the Mudgeeraba electorate because in the last few years I have seen the greed, corruption, and incompetence of the various governments that are slowly destroying the country and State's economy, jobs, families, biodiversity, and our rights and freedoms.

This time I'm fighting back, and I need your help

Some Options on How to Vote


I believe that one of the purposes of technology is to make things easier & better.


I believe that the environment is one of our greatest treasures and it must be protected.


I believe local and small businesses should be supported.


I believe that the economy, pretty obviously, should be in the black but instead of making it a race to do that, take a bit more time to do so, so fewer businesses and families are disadvantaged by drastic cuts. Make it a longer term plan, it doesn't have to happen in under three years to make the books look good.


I believe the government must be made more accountable and it must be every day, not every three years. It must also be more transparent.

So why vote for me and not one of the main parties?

The previous Queensland governments have progressively made our great state more and more expensive to live in and have given us fewer and worse services, all the while paying themselves bigger & fatter salaries.

The other parties will tell you that voting for Independents is a wasted vote and might result in a hung parliament, but it's actually the reverse of that; If you vote for responsible Independents then we will do the right thing for you and not be swayed by party pressure. Too often the various parties have shown that they are too greedy and pander to Big Business, at the expense of the smaller businesses, the environment, and long-term projects. They make a lot of promises to get your votes then either renege on them or say it wasn't a core promise, etc. All the various Independents decided to get into politics for the people and that's who we are guided by when making decisions and voting in parliament.

For the 2015 Queensland election the LNP and ALP have stated that they are not going to make deals with any other parties or Independents. This is fine with me as I also will not do a deal with them. My principle is simple; When making a vote I will vote in favour of proposals that make Queensland better, and vice-versa. It may seem simplistic but far too many times in the last few years there have been some very destructive laws and propositions passed. This has to stop.

The main parties will tell you not to vote for Independents as we are a DISadvantage to them, but we are an Advantage to you.

If you want to make a protest vote I also ask for you to vote for me. I've made it clear that the performance of the two parties is not acceptable in this modern world. You want to protest, I'll help you do that. You don't have to like me or my policies to let me make that protest for you.

Policies for Mudgeeraba


Reedy Creek

Stop the Reedy Creek quarry and get it relocated out past Beaudesert, where it will not cause pollution in the surrounding homes.



Stop the construction of the Springbrook Cable-Car project as it is planned to pass through the World Heritage park in that area. This is unacceptable and an alternate site must be considered.



To better promote the fantastic beauty of the Hinterland.



To work closely with the local Police to provide more random patrols in the community, and also place officers & cars where the accidents occur most often to help provide a visible presence.



To work closely with the local council to improve the safety of various road intersections and general road conditions.


Pacific View Estate

The planned Pacific View Estate in Worongary is set to squeeze 3,500 dwellings in a relatively small area. This is in contrast to the surrounding areas and grossly out of character for the area. The area should be developed, but with a sensible number of dwellings.


Planning for Floods

To block planning by the Council to rezone any low-lying areas that are flood prone. It has been shown many times in the past that such locations are unlivable and uninsurable.

Policies for Queensland


Cost Of Living

To reduce the cost of living for Queenslanders, by means of refining and rationalising the electrical & water systems & companies.



To stop the LNP/ALP asset sales in Queensland. It is a very dangerous false economy that has almost always ended up with the public paying more for worse services.


Ineffective Laws

Get the Anti-Hoon and VLAD laws removed as they have proven to be completely ineffective and severely punish innocent people. The QPS crime stats page clearly shows no real reduction in crime but innocent people, families, and businesses are suffering.



To stop the imminent environmental disasters of fracking, coal seam gas, and the Abbot Point coal port. The water table must be kept unpolluted and the Great Barrier Reef is in extreme danger of becoming extinct within a few decades.



To get a Bill of Rights introduced, to protect your rights from being eroded.


Effective Government

Establish new procedures for the people to have better control over the government, by means of Recall Elections and a better system of petitioning it. Currently there is no real accountability or any real way for the public to have any control over what the government does.

Policies for the Long Term


Cruise Terminal

Conduct an impartial and independent study of the various options for a cruise ship terminal on the Spit, not on Wavebreak Island. The options would begin with no terminal at all up in stages to a larger size. The main trade of the Gold Coast is tourism so such a project should be pursued. It makes far more sense to have any terminal there as every person on the Island would have to transit there by boat. Also every bit of food and waste also by boat.


Changes to Registration

Get the pricing structure of private vehicle registration changed to be based on vehicle weight rather than the number of cylinders. 150 cc and smaller scooters at a very reduced rate as they are much better for the environment than cars, easier to park, much cheaper to run, etc. Also examine the possibility of transferring some of the cost of registration into a fuel levy, so it's more user pays rather than a fixed amount that penalises people that don't use their cars much, for example some pensioners.


Driver Training

Introduce an aviation-style performance-based driver training and retesting programme. This would greatly reduce the number of road deaths. At approximately $1.7 million per death this represents a great overall saving of life and the cost to the community. I am currently working with a local driver training company on this.


Indigenous Welfare

Create a programme to reduce Indigenous deaths in custody. The rate of Aboriginal deaths is grossly out of proportion to the spread of prison population.


Suicide Prevention

Improve the existing facilities to help reduce suicides. The suicide rate is roughly four times higher than the death rate from road accidents (source: ABS) with young males making up about 75% of that figure.


Medicinal Cannabis

To pass legislation that permits terminal patients, cancer patients, people with chronic pain, etc, access to medicinal Cannabis oil for pain relief. For under-18's it would be after all other methods were tried. I also support the decriminalisation of marijuana but not the legalisation.


Animal Welfare

To debate legislation that all household pets must be desexed and microchipped before the first sale. The intent is to reduce the number of reflex purchases that result in unwanted pets and subsequent terminations, and 'puppy farms'. Cats are also very destructive to native wildlife and should be required to be kept inside at night. 'Oscars Law' is a good example is what needs to be done.


Clean Power

To get 100% clean power production established in Queensland and Australia, based on the latest technology. Thorium is the best option here and both China and India are starting to build stations as I type this. There are even better options but they aren't commercialised yet.


Efficient Government

To reduce the size of the State government. The three levels of government we currently have is extremely inefficient and superfluous. The Australian constitution requires the country to have States but does not say how small the State government can be. (That's right, I'd be working at eliminating my own job)

Suggested Reading

"Give us back our country", by David Flint and Jai Matinkovits. It describes in (too long) detail how to get Recall Elections and petitioning the government introduced and the effect it would have on restoring our disappearing democracy.

This web site and the work to get it publish was all very kindly donated by my friends, no public money was used.

I have opened a bank account that you can donate to if you wish. The funds will be used to help buy signs, etc. Since I want to be totally transparent with all this, the contents of the bank account will be updated here.

Name - William Sherwood
BSB - 814282
Acc - 50493256

Thanks for your time, Bill Sherwood.

This site is a political advertisement on behalf of Bill Sherwood.

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